Why Sell to Us?

Many factors go into the cost of selling your house. There are lots of expenses to consider if you are thinking about listing your house with a Realtor. It is smart to consider all of your options. Even though you may have a higher sales price if you list with a Realtor, your bottom-line could be much less. Take the following items into regard when deciding if you should list:


 Listing with a RealtorSelling to Us
Real Estate Commisions6% of the sales price will be paid by the sellerNone
Closing CostUp to 6% of the sales price, as most buyers request that the seller cover their closing expenseWe will pay ALL of the closing cost
Paying for RepairsBuyer can request for the seller to make repairs prior to closingWe buy homes "as-is", so no need for you to make costly repairs
Closing DateClosing will occur on average 45-60 days after accepting a buyers offerIn as little as 7 days
Number of ShowingsDepends on the condition and sales price of your home, but you should expect several.In most cases just 1
AppraisalAn appraisal will be required for most buyers to obtain financingNo appraisal necessary
InspectionsBuyer will conduct a home inspection, as well as a termite and moisture inspection (CL100)No inspections necessary
Financing ContingencyMost buyers will require financing to purchase your home, and in some cases this can fall through if the buyer is not well qualifiedWe pay cash, so no financing is required.